collatz gamechanger, FINALLY?

hi all this is a somewhat quick-dash post on a remarkable new idea re collatz that came to me this week & tried it out in a long stream/flow of consciousness multi experiment run, and got promising results. in manic moments it seems like it could be a breakthru or at least a gamechanger…? :idea: :?: :!:

in an older post, there is shown an amazing power of aggregating (integrating) multiple trajectories and how this can smooth the behavior of collatz-function-related metrics eg sum of stopping distance counts. in that case the integration was over increasingly large intervals.

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matrix 15 year anniversary… still subversive as ever

brainhi all. one of my favorite movies of all time is the matrix released 1999. its hard to believe its been 15 yrs, anniversary recently. yikes!

my sig. other has long had the hots for keanu reeves & we’ve watched a ton of his movies together. he had a big career but it seems to have ebbed lately.

its hard to say what all was so cool about the movie. or rather its hard to narrow it down. my favorite scene is where neo wakes up in the toilet bowl of goo after taking the red pill, looks around & sees the dystopia of robots and human pods, and then quickly gets “flushed” by an angry looking robot.

the red pill, the blue pill, what is it going to be?

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springing into video games

pacmanhi all. spring is in the air so how about something more lighthearted?

ages ago, learned to write code writing video games. nowadays though video games are a serious multimilliondollar multibilliondollar business! wanted to get into that biz at a young age and have several friends who have surfed through its vicissitudes and hit the bigtime on occasion. one worked on the game Pain for sony and the other was a writer for Mass Effect, moving onto Irrational Games the studio behind Bioshock. never did find the right opportunity myself, but never say never and “the game aint over yet” :)

a neat trend in TCS is the analysis of some video games in some groundbreaking papers.[a] awhile back, asserted that this is a relatively new trend in TCS on once & was sharply corrected/reprimanded by the authorities (eppstein, shor). :mad: so yeah there are isolated citations going back decades, but there does seem to be a new recent trend in the area.

MdB, [a14] is an expert/ leader/ innovator in this area & have occasionally had brief chats with him on stackexchange, and he has a great blog, check it out. MdB is also very active on stackexchange cstheory group & was even nominated for a mod position by outgoing “K” recently, quite an honor/feat. he also was recognized recently by Fortnow for his new paper on TSP complexity responding to Fortnow’s question. it would be really great to more frequently see other “pros” use in this way. (hi MdB! thx for commenting here!)

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trials and tribulations of bitcoin—mtgox crash, nakamoto outed

20130513-Bitcoin-Crash-Excitementhi all. wild and crazy few weeks for bitcoin. future shock realized. many links below in sections.

[b] mt gox disaster/ failure/ crash/ implosion/ uncontrolled demolition! on an epic scale! they are estimated to have about ~$½B in BTC which at current valuations is roughly 1/16th the total market cap of BTC. the currency fluctuated up to an outsize ~¼ in total value! and then stabilized.

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great moments in empirical/experimental math/TCS research, breakthrough SAT induction idea


update/breaking found 2/19:

hi all, this is a topic Ive been squirreling away links for a very long time, possibly longer than the age of this blog, now about 1½ yr waiting for an opportune moment. such moments can be quite prominent but alas also somewhat rare. am very happy to have recently stumbled on very major one a few days ago that is already getting MSM coverage (did not expect than when 1st writing this entry! wow!) :grin:

the blog was started dedicated to TCS and various problems, but also has a very strong empirical flavor based on computational experiments (eg with the collatz conjecture). computer experiments & the interface of math & TCS are an old love of mine that dates to my very earliest uses of the computer & learning its possibilities in teenage years.

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