collatz binary mapping patterns similar to codes!

re collatz this surprising new finding jumped out at me recently. seems promising, still analyzing it. :idea: :!: :?:

again consider the collatz function as two possible operations, and one can determine a kind of “collatz hash ID” associated with each integer, where the operations are binary digits ‘0’ and ‘1’ in a string. one can define a set of numbers/strings C(x, y) where x is the total number of operations and y is the number of a specific operation, in this case the 3n+1 “op”. this functions somewhat similar to the combinatorial “Choose(x, y)” operation.

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big data drama saga: facebook (mis)steps in deep datamining doo-doo

SAP_Big_Data_1a. bigdata
b. facebook study
c. flak/ fallout/ backlash
d. stackexchange
e. casestudy/ areas/ niches
f. nuance/ analysis/ questions/ critiques/ reaction/ skeptical/ pushback
g. books/ papers/ edu
h. kaggle
i. data scientist
j. big picture/ trends
k. crypto
l. nsa
m. psyop

hi all. datamining was an early topic on this blog mainly with Nate Silver and politics. have been collecting datamining links for ~1½ yr now and holy cow, its a mass copious/bulging haul this time. the topic has exploded into the mainstream culture. you know when it hits USA Today, New Yorker, and Financial Times, nearly everyone has now heard of it.[f] its great to see it finally really pop into highly deserved exposure after years of being rather low-key and low-profile. :!: :D 8-)

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a new pair of collatz ideas & striking/promising new visualizations

hi all. some rough new ideas dashed off about collatz that have been bumping around in my head for awhile. [also fyi, small )( blogging joy/ victory, the last post on $3M breakthru prizes got the 2nd highest daily hits ever due mainly to reddit & Tao blog as referrers, and presumably the $$$ topic!] :!: :D 8-)

my last post on collatz has mushroomed into a big grab bag/ kitchen sink of miscellaneous observations and code over several months of adding to it & shows some of the inherent messiness behind-the-scenes, such as once again tripping over the “seen cache” logic, which also showed up in the very 1st post on the subj on this blog. anyway further musing/ pondering on these leads to a few new ideas/ directions.
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$3M Breakthrough Prizes now awarded in mathematics!

breakthrough_prize_trophyhi all. recently the $3M individual “breakthrough prizes” have just been announced to be extended to mathematics with five initial winners. this post collects many related links/news coverage on the subj at the end eg two NYT articles, videos of the star-studded hollywoodesque awards ceremony, commentaries, etc. :!: 8-) :D

Terence Tao among them. who is a great blogger and have commented on his great blog in the past (he has a great page on Collatz theory). cybersynchronicity! just wrote him a congratulatory comment yesterday. he is indeed an admirable, brilliant, inspiring, innovative leader, eg not least of which with his forefront role in the groundbreaking Polymath project. am hoping he reacts in his blog at some point to the prize and writes his thoughts on it (instead of a few brief sound bites in newspaper interviews).


Tao replies characteristically modestly: [d3]

“I just hope we can live up to the prize.”

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HIGGS ML CONTEST! and lots more electrifying physics←→tcs fusion zeitgeist!

HML-Higgs-ML-poster-newQR-Bhi all as you regulars may have noticed, really like/enjoy collecting zillions of links in bookmarks on misc subjs esp topics that are crosscutting through computer science, math, and physics.

there are not many places or moments in cyberspace that capture the behind-the-scenes buzzing, crackling, electrifying energy & excitement of the scientific developments in this area.

there is a new Cosmos series on tv that some have blogged on, and its really great to see this series reappear & there are very positive reviews incl by other bloggers. Sagan is one of my personal heroes, esp in his popularizer & scientific statesman role that is also reminiscent of the other big icon around here, Einstein. another heroic figure that captures crossover aspects of different fields is Feynman, coincidentally one of the founders of quantum computing.

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