VR/Virtual Reality unleashed! state-of-the-art 2016

hi all. have been waiting for an opportune moment to unleash this post, collecting links for probably close to 2+yrs. VR/ virtual reality is a massive gamechanger/ disruptive technology. as a teenager several decades ago (ugh) fantasized about VR, and now its finally here. the final designated trigger for this post: was wandering around a great mall & walked into the gamestop and sony VR (PS4) was sitting around in boxes, and also samsung (gear) VR was in the best buy cell phone store. (old geezer me remembers a time when best buy didnt sell cell phones!) we’ve certainly come a long way!

tried out oculus rift demo about a year+½ ago. tried out gear VR a few mos ago. its all fantastic. may buy the sony VR for ps4 fairly soon, am debating. might buy it just for the battlezone game! actually it was probably mostly battlezone by atari released ~1980 that started my near-pre-adolescent VR dreams aflutter.

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fake news in election, cybersec, facebook, social media

hi all the chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” is out in full force these days. have tried to avoid blogging much on the election here but it has some interesting/ intense cyber/ tech angles. the media is reporting a few dribbles of the possibility of a recount in critical “swing” states michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin by jill stein who has already raised a few million dollars on her web site.[a]

it is with a heavy heart this info/ pov/ angle is passed on here. one would think in 2016 we’d have it figured out how to hold secure elections/ voting (and woe unto us in this world where that phrase is not a tautology!). but the tragedy of democracy is that the apparently simple act of counting votes seems to be a very, very difficult problem and that our highly advanced information technology is a double-edged-sword and/or pandoras box added to the problem.

my feeling is that if we could get a national/ bipartisan consensus/ initiative on secure voting built up in congress, maybe some real progress is possible. DREAM ON right? but what could be more important for democracy? (as an old troll expr on the internet goes, not sure where it originated, “humans are stupid!”)

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collatz, more trajectory limits

went a little while with no idea what to try next, then came up with some simple idea. earlier it was found that nonmonotone run lengths on left/ right side of the glide are unbounded. but then wondered a bit, in a sort of long-shot guess, that maybe this is a bit of trick going on (this is also hopeful in the sense that the transducer framework is very powerful working against “constant-count-or-less” computations, ie TM ID sequences or other basic arithmetic operations such as addition/ multiplication by constant). a later finding was that the div2 operations count compared to initial seed bit width may be quite significant. so maybe it makes sense to look at “left” and “right” of this key point, namely the trajectory index where div2 operations equals initial bit width.

since it seems to be something significant call it the “div2 trajectory index” or just “div2 index”. my 1st question was to look at nonmono run length in the right side of the div2 index wondering if it was bounded. (my general suspicion aka “hypothesis” is that maybe the behavior of the semirandom walk is significantly smoothed out after the div2 index and a lot of the randomness is “left” of it and attributable/ correlated to the initial seed. but also another meshing pov is that this randomness can allow greater flexibility for arbitrary structures eg unbounded nonmono run lengths on either left or right of the trajectory max.)

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Veritasium launches soliton dynamics into 1M eternal viral living legend!

➡💡❗⭐⭐⭐😮😎 a youtube blogger “Veritasium” specializing in physics has over 300M views collectively on his videos.[a3] he has a “Patreon” page where he earns about $2.5K per video. at nearly one per week, hes apparently making close to $150K per year off of his youtube videos from that revenue stream alone[a4]—talk about getting paid to do what you love aka “dream job”. he has his own wikipedia page.[a2] (which makes me wonder, is there anyone comparable out there doing CS type videos? this really eyepoppingly shows theres a market for this stuff…)

veritasium just covered the silicone oil droplet experiments of bush and the video is currently at over 1M views.[a1] so its a totally certifiably viral video (whatever that means, just made it up!). to get this kind of exposure for this obscure physics factoid/ phenomenon is utterly phenomenal. he does it in an introductory way yet includes very advanced info eg re copenhagen interpretation, DeBroglie-Bohm pilot wave theory etc. this will only increase the momentum of this particular research area. so am commemorating this momentous event/ achievement with the FIRST embedded video ever on this blog. hurry, click now!

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cybersec 2016 election edition

hi all cybersecurity has huge daily headlines but it gets few hits on my blog, and dont know where to advertise it either, it seems not to fit in well either on reddit or google+. nevertheless, just cant avoid/ give up tracking it. it seems to sometimes have near-earthshaking implications.

its been a feverish few months in the area with many fast-changing developments, can barely keep up.

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