matrix 15 year anniversary… still subversive as ever

brainhi all. one of my favorite movies of all time is the matrix released 1999. its hard to believe its been 15 yrs, anniversary recently. yikes!

my sig. other has long had the hots for keanu reeves & we’ve watched a ton of his movies together. he had a big career but it seems to have ebbed lately.

its hard to say what all was so cool about the movie. or rather its hard to narrow it down. my favorite scene is where neo wakes up in the toilet bowl of goo after taking the red pill, looks around & sees the dystopia of robots and human pods, and then quickly gets “flushed” by an angry looking robot.

the red pill, the blue pill, what is it going to be?

the matrix (~2 years pre 911) introduced and made subversive, conspiracy-based, edging-on-paranoid thinking somewhat more palatable to the masses.

also the idea of the star of the movie being a computer programmer was unconventional yet very enthralling at the time. geek culture had not really taken hold, that took many years later. but it was the peak of the dotcom frenzy and programmers were stars and getting major media coverage.

quite most bizarre, how about that weird robot-human slavery or parasitism angle?

the matrix was inspired by a lot of hardcore philosophy. have read some of it.

here are some links. interviews, 15year retrospectives, lots of scifi stackexchange questions on the topic, four major philosophy books focusing on matrix philosophy, and even a computer science authority expounds on matrix-like subjects without even once citing the matrix.

oh yeah and of course the connection to politics explored by Moore is the the most subversive of all.

funky factoid: the wachowskis are huge anime fans (as seen in their animatrix sequel) and pitched their movie to studio executives by citing classic weird cyber anime Ghost in the Shell.




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