gaming update: Deepmind/Google, Minecraft/Microsoft, Oculus Rift

ff_oculusrift6_fhi all. some big news in the gaming front. as mentioned in last post MS bought Minecraft for ~$2½B. amazing![b]

other big news. DeepMind learns to play video games with a supervised neural network, which basically just uses reinforcement learning on the game points apparently. a tiny company already acquired by google. stunning! google must have been very impressed and it is not very easy to impress google. what is not being reported much is that the AI must presumably/ basically “experiment” with all kinds of random actions before discovering any that lead to points. now that seems like evidence of highly intelligent behavior.[d][d2] at this point have another huge collection of AI links and wasnt sure how to classify these but a gaming-topic post 1st seems aligned with the current zeitgeist.

oculus rift 3d glasses tech is very big in the news. revolutions like this dont come along very often over the years, but this does sound like a “gamechanger” product to me. esp because it has such huge implications outside of gaming for eg remote conferencing, remote learning, etc (enormous markets).[c] (recently/ elsewhere/ in contrast apple announced Apple Pay but just cant really see how it could turn out into a hit at this point. does anyone see a killer app of this tech right now? internet commerce via phones? dunno!)

there was a neat article in Wired updating state-of-the-art AI technology in the game of Go. unlike chess its far from being conquered by machines (esp since brute force search fails as an effective strategy). dug up some of the neat articles on the subject. its good to know there are still a few ways left of distinguishing machines from humans.[e]

had a brief chat with young/ talented “RH” on about his paper on 2048. nice work, way to go man!

google also bought a remote gaming company “twitch” for $1B. is this tech ever gonna pan out? years ago a company “Onlive” was attempting to commercialize it, but dont know what happened to them.

nobody knows if general AI will be achieved this century but at times it seems like if anyone is gonna do it, it will be Google. truly a 21st century company.

a. game2

b. minecraft

c. oculus rift

d. ai

d2. deepmind

e. go


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