chrome hardcore poweruser bookmark sync (defect) blues :(

👿 hi all a quick note about a recent cyberglitch thats really extremely bumming me out, crimping my style! have been using chrome for years as a heavy/ hardcore power user, it seems to be the most tuned/ high performance browser around. also heavily use the bookmark management and cloud synchronize features (~5K bookmarks and counting lying around for half baked blog concepts/ themes/ ideas, personal research/ projects, much else, etc!). but ouch! that seems to have gotten clobbered recently. my bookmark and history syncing silently started failing across devices.

started to look into it and it seems to coincide with an update by google to their bookmarks manager. am not the only one hating this new interface! google made it mandatory and rolled it out to all users despite massive user complaints/ pushback on the beta. was starting to get the hang of it (not really liking it but finding it workable) but the failed syncing is a massive dealbreaker for me. (its still not clear if the two issues are connected but they’re suspiciously close.)

years ago had trouble setting up firefox synching also. would try it out but need an ipad version, and firefox doesnt support it yet. also was thinking of attempting to synchronize with apple safari, but apple stopped supporting safari on windows! then was looking into apple icloud sync which works with a chrome plugin (for windows), but then what are the odds that will work seamlessly either?

the new bookmarks feature is supposed to allow them to be publicly shared on google+ which is a fantastic idea, but it appears to be poorly tested to me both for code defects and user acceptance.

chrome was released for ipad not long ago and its workable for me, but it tends to crash quite a bit! its like netscape in the mid 1990s all over again! @#%&! my thinking is it might be in the javascript engine. also have noticed javascript-heavy pages sometimes fail to “refresh”. it might be related to switching tabs/ apps.

as an intense hardcore power user blogger feel like both hands tied behind my back & rather near crippled and “dead in the water” without my chrome bookmarks! also was forced to reset the browser which means all my sites have to be reauthenticated/ logged in all over again! @#%&!

it seems the syncing could be related to a firewall or proxy issue at my work… its very hard to troubleshoot certain issues.

reinstalled chrome, completely set up a new google account with zero bookmarks, and the syncing still fails with a mysterious/ vague message “oops sync has stopped working” on the settings page with no further info on how to troubleshoot. google error docs are no help whatsoever. dinking around with flags such as disabling the new bookmarks also still fails! @#%&!

we think we live in the 21st century but sometimes our apps are more like as built and reliable and sturdy as toys for children! made in china™! or is it india now?

@#%&! doncha just luv cyberspace!

👿  hey google, dont be!


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