bitcoin revolution advances

hi all at this point the bitcoin revolution seems to be in major force, possibly unstoppable & reaching the point of no return. one cannot even really keep up with all the major developments/ shifts, its overwhelming, but a few stand out over the last few months tracked in these links.

a few days ago Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison. its a case of sometimes the most innovative individuals being nearly indistinguishable from criminals. Ulbricht started one of the worlds 1st genuinely virtual corporations. seems to me it does us no good to either demonize or idolize him, both are extremes. he is a multidimensional character. few will admit it but quite possibly Silk Road had a lot to do with the rising early bitcoin economy due to its massive amount of transactions. there appears to be a definite “bootstrapping” effect here. there are now very good/ detailed accounts of the whole story eg in Wired & in new book(s) coming out.[a]

wall st is seizing the day with increasing bitcoin integration into trading systems. at this point when wall st has a stake in it, one can be fairly confident it will never be ruled illegal or be subject to major/ extreme government crackdowns.[b]

the international news is somewhat surprising and something that was long speculated is now happening. argentina has a collapsing currency due to a variety of factors, and the public is switching in a major way to bitcoin. this is a pivotal, near revolutionary development, and is likely not the 1st time this will happen, possibly just the beginning.[c]

there are continued fears over bitcoin scaling, but so far the network has not experienced major issues and the genius of Nakamoto is carrying seamlessly.[d]

there are massive signs of continued adoption/growth[e], major new startups[f], and major innovation in the technology ongoing.[g]

and then there is the dark side. Fincen announced a major $700K fine against Ripple Labs (funded by many elite investors) and there are rumors of people running into trouble under asset forfeiture laws wrt cash versus Bitcoin. however few of these seem to be covered in the MSM. is it happening or is it part of new conspiracy theories about bitcoin?[i]


a. silkroad
b. wallst
c. internatl
d. scaling
e. adoption/ growth
f. startups
g. innovation
h. analysis
i. crime

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