cybersec 2015 summer horror stories

image hi all, have been interested/ read about/ delved into cybersecurity for many years now, and its at a whitehot pace as far as news developments. its dizzying, inundating, and impossible to keep up. however this is my small )( contribution (aka “lighting a candle in the darkness”) to collecting/ sorting the copious headlines. the big recent news is the massive OPM hack.[a] there is some reporting on this, but americans seem not to be very aware of it. ofc china is big in cybersec news for all the wrong reasons…[j]

other big news is hillary clintons private emails with classified information found in them.[k] and recently the patriot act expired and was replaced with a new law.[b] what will be the implications of that? somewhat like the expression “do as I say, not as I do”, the NSA may do as it does, not as congress/ the prez/ the LAW says….(the Natl Security State/ Military Industrial Complex/ 4th crosscutting shadow branch of govt is, to put it most politely, kinda “evasive/ twisty/ slippery” that way… which reminds me, did you see the latest news on Guantanamo? oh nevermind! …)

EFF is mounting an NSA lawsuit. did you read about that in the MSM?[c]

there was a huge commotion/ massive backlash over apparent British plans to limit encryption, mirrored in the US.[g] not sure where it stands. reminds me of the mid 1990s and the Clipper chip. or Total Information Awareness. like undead zombies this stuff just never goes away/ dies does it? 😮

urge everyone to try to familiarize themselves with these issues of major national security and even constitutional implications, impacting our freedoms and daily life. the age of cybersecurity is upon us and from the headlines, its not a pretty picture. actually at the moment it seems more like a litany of cyber horrors, a slow-boil dystopian nightmare. oh yeah speaking of which isis is exploiting snowden info.[i] happy summer vacation!

photo: read about the assange/ snowden/ manning statues in Berlin in [l11]


a. opm
b. patriot act/ law
c. eff lawsuit
d. nsa/ snowden
e. hacks/ hackers/ leaks
f. assange/ wikileaks
g. crypto
h. cia
i. isis
j. china
k. clinton
l. etc

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