Ahmed Mohamed & his clock commotion, top links

AHMED😮 ❗ ❓ hi all. 1st heard this story in the online stackexchange physics chatroom in the morning, someone posted the foxnews link. then only a few hours later, it clearly went viral, partly after obama’s response in a twitter msg inviting Ahmed Mohamed to the white house.

so its now exploded all over cyberspace and bounced around. we have conspiracy theorists along with Richard Dawkins questioning Mohameds intent, and others questioning what he actually built. Mohamed has held a press conference with his parents and accepted the offer to visit the white house. he also says hes not returning to his old school. microsoft sent him a hacker package. hillary clinton, sarah palin, and mark zuckerberg have commented on it also. the topic showed up in the republican pre-debate.

am not really fully sure what to make of this yet. Mohamed’s father seems to be politically active in the cause of muslim rights in the US, which the conspiracy theorists have seized on. Mohamed’s intent seems not perfectly clear and thats led to a lot of speculation. 👿

but for now it seems reasonable to assume no malicious intent and that he had no idea that there would be such a massive commotion at his school and seems, certainly could not have foreseen/ anticipated larger ripples than that. (cyber-viral stories are generally impossible to predict.) he seems to have just wanted some “attention”. as that old zen-like expression goes, “be careful what you wish for, you might get it.” 😳

and while hes not in show business, in a sense he’s a genuine near-instant celebrity now, and maybe that old hollywood expr is somewhat applicable also? “theres no such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell your name right.” 😈

to me this story is about lots of things including intersection of STEM and youth in our culture. STEM has high significance these days, but it also has a dark side. theres a lot of edgy nervousness about STEM. should we teach all our kids STEM, or just some of them? can we rescue/ accelerate our entire economy with more STEM focus/ companies/ jobs? (my personal answer to that, despite the hype and my decades background & lifetime affinity in the area, is no.)

schools should be places of freedom and open experimentation but instead we have turned them into places of low-level fear and unthinking responses and too much adult control/ overreaction (can anyone imagine this happening at a Montessori school?). one might even argue that “texas culture” has some crucial influence on this story/ outcome.

the “maker”/ DIY (“do it yourself”) community has really seized on this story. not sure when Mohamed is going to visit the white house but thats likely to generate a whole new swirl/ burst of MSM and cyber buzz.

theres some CS angle here as Mohamed is pictured with his computer and he seems to be fluent in it (in some way). am hoping to hear more about his background, the clock design etc, and he might not just be a temporary celebrity based on the significance of STEM and education in our culture. he could be a new “poster boy”! lets not laugh too much because Bieber launched his internationally famous career on youtube at virtually the same age. does Ahmed have more or less talent than Bieber? that could take years to sort out. but its nice to have a new “poster boy” who has won notoriety for something other than crooning for swooning girls. its called STEM & sometimes geeks really rock/ rule! (has tattooed-up-like-circus-performer Bieber met obama yet?) 😀 😎




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