controversial STEM clockmaker ahmed mohamed meets obama etc

mohamed_obamahi all. the age of internet celebrity is truly wild at times. it reminds me of that old zen-like saying “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” 14-yr old “high school dropout” ahmed mohamed clock engineer (covered here 1mo ago) made it to astronomy night at the whitehouse and did meet obama in the crowd. but not before meeting the president of Sudan a few weeks ago who has been accused of human rights/ war crimes.

he also met up with google CEO Brin at the google science fair. whoa! a lot sure can happen in a month! (wikipedia entry [a22])

this has become a very politicized topic, somewhat down right/left lines, Mohamed’s situation/ experience was raised at the republican debates, and the right wing already seems to have some conspiracy theories on the subject. (his muslim bkg/ political/ activist father/ emigration status has affected the stories.)

personally was hoping Mohamed would better document more somewhere how he built his clock so that naysayers could fade out some, but that seems not to have happened. from photos he also seems to have serious STEM skills eg in computers and maybe CS, but havent seen any better information on that.

so as for being an ideal STEM or multiculturalism/ diversity/ tolerance poster boy, that may not work out so great because of his intense controversiality—although maybe all celebrity is inherently controversial? but his internet celebrity is certainly impressive so far. heres hoping he can channel it into productive causes/ endeavors in the future (the appearance on a science show seems like great idea). or maybe he might want to just fade from view? so far that does not seem to be the case. he does not shy from the publicity. quite the opposite.

(PS) breaking, possible plans to move to Qatar! (after govt-sponsored award of full ride college scholarship!) [a23]

a. stem2
b. obama/ whitehouse mtg

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