congress/ FBI/ Apple/ silicon valley showdown!

hi all the FBI vs Apple shakedown/ showdown hit critical mass all over within the last 2 wks, its really amazing to see it all unfold in real time. there is mass media coverage and its a big cyber event. congress is already holding hearings.[a] heres hoping congressmen at least occasionally read the internet.

a lot of high profile supporters have shown up.[c] Wozniack, Zuckerberg, Gates. companies including Google, Twitter, WhatsApp.[c1][c3] theres a massive US Govt petition already 22k signatures.[c5] even ex NSA chief Hayden, which is shocking.[c6] a NYC judge has rejected govt forced warrant.[c13-15] one remarkable case is a mother of a san bernadino victim on record as supporting apple.[c4]

the highest profile supporter is of course CEO cook.[d]

there are some naysaying voices, sample below eg Trump.[e] including a group of the san bernadino families.[e7] one senator drafting bill to criminalize “refusal to aid decryption.”[e4] rival phone makers reluctant.[e13]

major/ excellent background/ analysis collected from all over the web.[f]

highly related news, Diffie/ Hellman with the $1M Turing prize for discovery of public key cryptography.


a. congress
b. pro
c. high profile supporters
d. cook
e. con
f. bkg/ analysis

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