ex machina wins special effects and writing oscars!

sonoyahi all, Ex Machina won 2016 oscar for Best Special effects (quick correction, it was nominated but did not win for Best Screenplay, losing out to Spotlight—but am sure it was close!). this is extremely cool and noticed how good both were when saw it about half year ago. its so awesome to see a scifi movie about 21st century AI and CS themes “make it big”. hollywood elites do not typically express much enthusiasm for these areas (has anyone notice otherwise? plz comment). last time around it might have been Matrix or so over 1.5 decade ago. this is also a huge staggering upset in that it only had a $15M budget and was up against massive budgeted movies including Force Awakens ($200M), the Martian ($108M), and Mad Max/ Fury Road ($150M).

hollywood will take due note. the director Alex Garland is surely a very hot property now and expect to see some really impressive new movies from him, maybe with a (much?) bigger budget. heres a bunch of links and interviews delving into his unique style/ pov. the effects were done by Double Negative supervised by Andrew Whitehurst. a name to now be up there with the legends eg Gaeta (who did Matrix). theres also a lot of internet luv for this movie as eg even reddit got into the action early on with an AMA.[a13]

this is also a story about the “asymmetric power” of a good story and low cost, off-the shelf technology used to render CGI and more understated effects as opposed to very dominating “in-your-face” or “knock-over-the-head” type typical approaches/ styles. theres a moores-like decrease in inaccessability (aka increase in accessibility) of these types of artistic embellishments/ technologies. this mirrors many trends and near-revolutions in technology, eg long ago the rise of “desktop printing” etcetera. it looks like the various waves will continue also with some others on the near horizon such as desktop printing and virtual reality.


a. ex machina

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