cybersecurity 2016, snowden movie premiere


hi all. have been collecting mountains of cybersecurity links over the past ~½ year after posting heavily on the Apple vs FBI crypto/ terrorism investigation controversy/ showdown/ faceoff/ staredown. have not seen such a intensely fiery headliner match in many years. astonishingly it looks like the govt/ FBI blinked/ backed down possibly partly in the face of intense/ spreading corporate pressure but not before even Obama weighed in with his opinion against “fetishizing phones”. this, from the 1st guy who years ago had a blackberry/ smartphone as president after pushing for it personally (supplied by the NSA!). it seems we have come full circle in his presidency.

some near shocking/ stunning headlines that even govt insiders eg ex NSA officials supported Apples stance! anyway for now the govt has backed down and new battle lines are drawn with silicon valleys ire roused eg with google taking it somewhat personally so to speak. it looks like a newly established widespread corporate priority/ consensus/ race to increase encryption and make govt surveillance more difficult. this appears to me to be a rare case where corporate power is working against/ checking govt power (overreach!) in favor of citizen/ constitutional rights… thanks Tim Cook, a CEO who has not been corrupted by his multimilliondollar yearly pay and still has a bit of spine )( left in him after not being fully flushed out after the decades of “shrewd” politicking reqd for climbing the corporate ladder.[a][b][c] (on 2nd thought, more cynically as pointed out by some, maybe its just that cyber corporations want a monopoly on the vast private data that can be better monetized that way and “privacy rights” is a mere smokescreen….)

the stories about hacks/ breaches/ leaks are copious, a near deluge. theres an increasing alarm about remote car hacking[d], FBI surveillance eg with escalating legal conflicts/ judicial/ court involvement,[g] and stingray[h].

cryptography has really exploded in the headlines with stories of govt bills/ proposals, the widespread whatsapp encryption, and international considerations wrt terrorism.[i]

snowden continues to grab headlines as a force of his own and the new Stone movie makes a great trigger to unleash this post, am really celebrating this movie got to theatres so quickly, its quite a moment in history.[j]

trump makes headlines with his wild ideas about regulating the internet and other cybersecurity issues. despite all his tweeting think it would be an incredible setback for cybersecurity and internet freedom if hes elected. the polls seem eerily close to me right now.[k]

clinton grabbed massive headlines for a long time for her email handling scandal, but it finally seems to be behind her or at least on the downhill slope as far as media coverage. its surely highly damaged her reputation and electability however.[l] there is a lot of recent tie-in to assange with his DNC leaks having major short term/ long term implications eg resignation of Wasserman-Schultz and a case study showing the possible substantial real-world implications of (flawed) cybersecurity.[n] the theory is that russian hackers were involved and russia is constantly making headlines wrt Trump connections. its hard for me to imagine that Putin would want to influence our election one way or another (is he really anti-hillary? is it her neoconish foreign policy hardliner tendencies? pro-trump? or just anti-democracy? pro-chaos? a real life Bond villain?) but a lot of people are asserting that.

theres also a great new documentary on Stuxnet[g] a topic that has been covered here at length and maybe will finally get some better visibility among the public.

overall its a bit staggering and near-overwhelming how much cybersecurity issues now fill the daily headlines. there are many factors but the massive rise of social media connected to ubiquitous smartphones (even widespread among preteens now!) and a center-of-balance shift toward cyberspace contribute to that.

in my own news, my reddit account got blocked for posting too many links back to this same blog, and am really disappointed because it was my main source of hits, and am not feeling as enthusiastic about putting so much energy into the blog. google+ just aint the same. increasingly wonder if blogs are something like dinosaurs now in the age of facebook/ twitter/ instagram… 😳 😦 😥

just ran across today, [o5] is a nice retrospective analysis in wired of post 911 reality and its interrelation to cyber(security) on the 1½ decade anniversary of that gamechanging day. theres also a nice front-page story in the Atlantic attempting to figure out if we are now safer in the US only $1T later. in the grand sweep/ perspective/ pov, it seems like history is on steroids lately with cyber contributing to that breakneck pace. may you live in interesting times. 😮


a. fbi vs apple
b. – pro vs con
c. — pro apple/ antifbi
d. hacks/ breaches/ leaks
e. – govt/ police
f. surveillance/ spying
g. – fbi
h. – stingray
i. crypto
j. snowden
k. trump
l. clinton
m. nsa
n. wikileaks/ assange
o. terrorism
p. security/ defense
q. stuxnet/ darkweb docs

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