cybersec 2016 election edition

hi all cybersecurity has huge daily headlines but it gets few hits on my blog, and dont know where to advertise it either, it seems not to fit in well either on reddit or google+. nevertheless, just cant avoid/ give up tracking it. it seems to sometimes have near-earthshaking implications.

its been a feverish few months in the area with many fast-changing developments, can barely keep up.

since last installment it looks like Hillary escaped the grim reaper over FBI charges for classified info leaking, suggesting to me some double standard over pawns vs authorities wrt enforcement of the law. but that situation has blown up further with accusations of Russian hacking and interference, and an official statement by the US govt but which excluded the FBI which is now the focus of intense scrutiny. that could have election-affecting implications as Abedins husband is now implicated with classified info.[a] [a5] looks like a thorough must-read analysis from Esquire mag.

there are massive leaks on the Hillary campaign and DNC by wikileaks and maybe other parties.[b]

there are rumors of election hacking along with many other quite verifiable breaches.[c] another highlight is [c10] a new movie on stuxnet.

the yahoo breach has massive implications as yahoo was in the middle of a sensitive sale to Verizon which is said to want a $1B discount over their compromised data security.[d]

theres a new leaker in the NSA and leaks of their hacking tools.[e]

wikileaks is big in the news wrt the clinton leaks and a visit by pam anderson.[f]

snowden getting many headlines with his amazing movie etc.[g]

trump grabs a few cyber-security related headlines maybe more for transparent incompetence than anything else.[j]

a few more thoughts on this. it all looks pretty grim overall but have a theory that maybe real-world war is actually moving more toward cyberwar, that seems to be a noticeable/ identifiable trend in many ways (see Snowden movie for some glimpse of this wrt hollywood dramatization). and heinous as it might seem, a mass data breach is a kind of mild phenomenon compared to dead bodies due to weapons and violence. some silver lining in all the clouds?

everyones hyperventilating at the moment wrt election (& with good reason!) but we’ll have a new president in about 2wks right? and all our troubles will be over, wink 😮 😈

a. russia
b. clinton
c. breach
d. yahoo
e. nsa
f. wikileaks
g. snowden
h. govt/ legal
i. defense
j. trump

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