Veritasium launches soliton dynamics into 1M eternal viral living legend!

➡ 💡 ❗ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 😮 😎 a youtube blogger “Veritasium” specializing in physics has over 300M views collectively on his videos.[a3] he has a “Patreon” page where he earns about $2.5K per video. at nearly one per week, hes apparently making close to $150K per year off of his youtube videos from that revenue stream alone[a4]—talk about getting paid to do what you love aka “dream job”. he has his own wikipedia page.[a2] (which makes me wonder, is there anyone comparable out there doing CS type videos? this really eyepoppingly shows theres a market for this stuff…)

veritasium just covered the silicone oil droplet experiments of bush and the video is currently at over 1M views.[a1] so its a totally certifiably viral video (whatever that means, just made it up!). to get this kind of exposure for this obscure physics factoid/ phenomenon is utterly phenomenal. he does it in an introductory way yet includes very advanced info eg re copenhagen interpretation, DeBroglie-Bohm pilot wave theory etc. this will only increase the momentum of this particular research area. so am commemorating this momentous event/ achievement with the FIRST embedded video ever on this blog. hurry, click now!

the video is covered in two reddit threads [a5][a6] and Veritasium himself showed up for a reddit AMA.[a7] my only tiny )( quibble is that he doesnt once use the word soliton. 😦

he credits Bush at MIT for his contribution to the video. Bush is turning out to be one of the leading world authorities in looking into fluid dynamics analogies in QM, and for this personally think he deserves major recognition, maybe a major award.[a8]

other extremely notable info that arrived last summer: there is talk/ announcement of new/ first experimental evidence for DeBroglie-Bohm theory, which is staggering. this is related to “surreal” bohmian trajectories and the research was published in Science magazine.[a10][a11][a12][a15] also the Murch experiments covered before in this blog continue to get attention.[a13]

else where a cohort “secret” found a very substantial paper which tried to advocate all over in chat rooms on stackexchange, but so far little reaction: Mechanics of Spacetime, a solid Mechanics perspective on GR by Tenev/ Horstemeyer.[b1] the paper looks utterly revolutionary to me and think it will serve as a “solid” basis for much future research. it was posted to arxiv in spring of this year. so far there seems to be very little reaction in the physics community, but think that will gradually change over the years, and possibly in occasionally dramatic bursts of interest/ attention.

they mention the “space time fabric” modelled as an elastic entity, and this is an idea that occurred to me decades ago, its breathtaking to me to see it finally realized on paper. it will certainly face an uphill battle in attention/ engagement because of all the decades-old thinking about “ether theory” being disproved.

physics experts will likely spot the glaring implications here, but lets spell it out anyway for the less savvy. the obvious hypothesis is that the exact same elastic spacetime that is stretched under relativistic considerations on the large-scale is what is supporting small-scale soliton interactions of particle physics/ QM/ QED etc… presumably under exactly the same underlying mechanism with gravity/ special/ general relativity being a large-scale emergent property.

after finding this paper, tried to recreate some of my old thinking on the subject, and re-excavated an old personal idea, which has occurred to others.[a17] there is a lot of astounding analogy with “speed of sound in a gas/ solid” and “speed of light in a vacuum”, noticed this decades ago but havent really seen it pointed out in any refs much. the relativistic equations are nearly identical. would certainly like to write all this up in a paper some day.[a22][a23]

Tenev/ Horstemeyer have come the closest so far. these recent items make me want to quit my day job & pursue this all like a semicrazed madman. but ofc theres no money in that for anyone, except maybe Veritasium, lol, so am going to do the cowardly thing for now and mostly suppress/ repress it (the urge that is), except maybe some sublimation into this blog, lol!

elsewhere have been trying to find/ track the very scattered/ diverse places that fluid dynamics shows up in physics and also solitons. for latter, main standout areas are sine-Gordon models and also instantons and also new optical phenomena.[a14][a16][a20][a21][b3][b10][b11] Geons also show up.[a24] it shows up in some studies of GR although context is a bit tricky here. some of it seems to be related to trying to understand fluid like stellar matter in distorted spacetime (esp relevant around black holes), other material maybe is modelling GR itself using fluid analogies, and can be a bit tricky to distingish the two just on general searches.

some of this goes under the title “hydrodynamics” and “relativistic hydrodynamics”. nobody seems to have noticed much yet that “hydrodynamics” seems to now combine with both QM and GR. “grand unification theory,” anyone?[a8][a25][a26][b7][b8][b12]

another interesting angle to ponder is why inscrutable singularities are so common in physics and have plagued it for decades, esp since origins of QED. fluid dynamics has a lot of the answer as seen in Hossenfelders great blog on the subject.[a18] she also has a rare, very openminded attitude toward Cophenhagen interpretation (actually one might joke that any openmindedness about interpretation whatsoever is sort of the OPPOSITE of the copenhagen interpretation!)[a19]

was trying to convince some skeptics/ naysayers in Stackexchange physics chat (mainly the distinguished slereah, past chat guest) about the value of dimensional analysis/ metaphor which think is a very big part of understanding the Tenev/ Horstemeyer results. unfortunately this is not taught much in physics. on a search did find a nice serious paper that shows some of the wonders/ complexities of dimensional analysis.[b6] easily an entire paper or book could be written on the subj but it appears so far none has. maybe just need to hunt more on this subj. think dimensional analysis/ analogy-like methods will play a very large role in future theoretical unifications that we are only getting some lean tendrils/ wispy whiffs/ sparkly glimmers of at the moment. albeit very promising ones.

its utterly riveting to me to see this birth of a extraordinary new scientific meme in progress/ evolving before our eyes. Veritasium has nitroglycerin-turbocharged it after years of tiny )( baby steps. it would be premature optimism to predict a Kuhnian-level paradigm shift in progress, but what the hell, lets throw caution to the wind eh? lets pull a sneaky fast one like Kurzweil and just predict it will happen within a few decades. hey, it took that long for the most brilliant 20th century scientists of the era around turn of last century to recognize the reality of atoms after similar substantial evidence piled up, so why are we to imagine humans of our era are any smarter? deja vu all over again, anyone? 😛

a last idea that has been nagging at me esp after watching Veritasiums video: very strongly suspect that there are slightly different mathematical predictions for the 2-slit experiment using silicon droplet vs QM methods, and that this could be a way to experimentally discriminate the two theories. would like to work out all the details. suspect the 2-slit electron or other particle experiments have historically never been done with very much accuracy and would like to see that change ASAP! ofc that would be earthshattering stuff, eh? nobel prize, anyone?

a. soliton/ fluid
b. papers/ books

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