russia election hacking, trump+obama+putin, fake news

hi all, what a blur its been since the last cybersec post here. US obama admin announced sanctions against russia in response to intelligence agency consensus that Russia hacked US election as part of state govt efforts, and intended to get Trump elected. wild info! the repercussions continue to fall out, it looks like congress will be all over this issue for months to come at least, and maybe years.

the trump admin hostility toward the intelligence agency apparatus is remarkable/ extraordinary/ unprecedented. when the mainstream media starts to talk about the “deep state” you know that its a new world we’re living in.

the actual evidence that russian govt was involved in the hacking does not seem all that strong to me, it appears to be more assertion by widespread consensus, which is questionable to say the least.

this stuff hit the Full Trifecta over Obama,[d] Trump,[c] Putin[e] / Russia.[b]

theres a lot of continuing headlines on fake news, and it looks like maybe the concept is not going to go away with the election and is a new concept in the collective consciousness.[f] apparently a permanent gamechanger.

apparently as stated earlier, the age of cybersecurity/ infowarfare is on us in full force. dizzying times we live in at times so to speak.

am sure you are all hanging on the edge of your seat for this blog! it was brought to you by some of my sophisticated new technology. have long had a method of exporting/ formatting these bookmarks based on some ruby code hack. on other hand now have a few thousand bookmarks and sometimes chrome cloud sharing really @#%& screws them up royally.

it looks like adding bookmarks tends to work, but moving them around, sorting them into different folders, renaming, etc tend to fail sometimes, with a defect of duplicating the bookmarks in the old/ new folders. ARGH! anyway spent quite awhile writing some code to find my duplicate bookmarks by folder for manual deleting, and it was enough to clean mine up after a lot of effort, and finally turn out this blog.

cyberspace is definitely not simple.

a. vote hack
b. russia
c. trump
d. obama
e. putin
f. fake news

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