cyber 2017, milo yiannopoulos, pewdiepie, online content, other zeitgeist

hi all, two recent high profile events caught my eye, #1 the meltdown of Milo Yiannopoulos and #2 pewdiepie losing a lucrative contract with Disney for his controversial youtube content. these seem to me to be strongly reflecting current cyber zeitgeist in various ways. so, a release of another/ the latest huge batch/ selection of items/ headlines.

in case #1 its “live by the sword, die by the sword”.[a] yiannopoulos reminds me of british commentator piers morgan who made a big splash years ago with his biting/ acerbic analysis of america, but seemed to burn out from his high profile/ near-trollery. did not track milo much at all but his downfall splattered very heavily across sites regularly browsed. it seems like a case of “troll culture”. theres also connections to the video game area. and of course, intense connections to current politics/ Trumpism which is still impacting cyberspace with roiling waves.[i]

pewdiepie is another remarkable case.[e] some reports are that hes making in the high seven figures per year. but how does a talent like that fit into the existing establishment? answer is, he doesnt really. its an entirely new form of media and trying to harness it by the old media only seems to “blow up in ones face”. pewdiepie reminds me of justin bieber about 10 yrs ago bouncing around in teenage youtube videos. a star born via the internet/ web/ cyberspace. truly a wonder to behold. but also, “life in the fast lane”. one suspects these types will burn out brightly/ fast, more like supernovas than stars maybe.

another cool event that really caught my eye that indicates the Cyberage: ruby’s birthday in mexico that went viral on facebook.[h13][h14][h15]

media and journalism are in a crashing maelstorm,[b][c] some of it in crisis. schumpeters “creative destruction” is out in full force. the old promises of cyberspace transforming culture and its institutions are now fully playing out. results are not “always” so pretty. the future online media is increasingly being owned by google, facebook, youtube, netflix & other online content owners/ producers.[d] youtube and netflix have very recently taken the extraordinary step of starting to fund/ produce major content, and its yet another big gamechanger only in its early days but already having massive impact.

postscript: brought to you after had a big fat trouble with reinstalling chrome vs corp security software passive aggression and a near death experience with 5k book marks but eventually got it to work. now lets see how much chrome synch messes up them again 😐 … oh and chrome sync page reports exactly 237 links so we know its all working just fine right? while wandering around looking for a fix also found this wild little diagnostic system sync internals chrome://sync-internals/ with a bazillion intricate/ tight-fitting moving parts so surely nothing can go wrong right? doncha just luv ❤ technology? 😈

a. milo
b. media
c. journalism
d. online content
e. youtube
f. transitory
g. review/ criticism
h. culture/ zeitgeist
i. trump
j. network

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