chip/ hardware news, google tensorflow, brain chips, moores law, supercomputers, advances, corps

hi all the chip and hardware news has been very active lately. years ago tracked AI/ big data as separate categories and these two areas are merging. AI + hardware design is merging these days also. this is typified/ exemplified by googles new announcement of TPU (tensorflow processor) chips that they have designed themselves.[a] google is intending to scale up this architecture for open use. its an impressive initiative in its early stages and highly crosspollinates with its other big moves into AI such as with Deepmind.

elsewhere there is a lot of news about “brainlike chips” being developed. these may be massively parallel or based on “neuromorphic” computing.[b]

as was noted/ heralded on this blog quite awhile back, moores law is now widely questioned and suspected to be plateauing.[c]

supercomputer technology is continuing to advance and china seems ahead these days.[d]

there is maybe still a lot of mileage and innovation/ developments left with silicon.[e] there are other more futuristic advances in the pipeline such as in optics and other miniaturization techniques.[f] nanotube transistors are still on the horizon with IBM betting strongly on them. another big shift seems to be with “reconfigurable computing” aka FPGAs which are starting to pay off in big ways.[g6] the other 600lb gorilla in this area ofc is quantum computing which is worthy of a whole other post. (have many links piling up on that lately.)

the big corps Google, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Arm, MS are all making big moves in chip usage and design.[g] the distinction between hardware and software companies is getting blurrier all the time. we can look back over the 1-decade smartphone revolution and marvel/ wonder where its going next.[h]

exciting times and looks like a grovian “inflection point” aka “calm before the storm”. where will new technology go? am sure some of those chips are gonna end up in self-driving cars, and other big AI projects/ even industries just a glimmer in peoples eye right now, as yet undreamed of…

😡 (argh rats my chrome synch got messed up again last few days, just quit working without much indication why, have no idea, maybe a firewall issue, mysteriously started again, so am banging out this post as fast as possible…)


a. google tensorflow
b. NN/ AI/ brain chips
c. moores law
d. supercomputer
e. chips
f. r + d/ advance
g. corps
h. overview/ etc

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