Google Deepmind strikes again: AlphaGo 3-0 over worlds best player Ke Jie

hi all Google Deepmind has pulled another rabbit out of the hat and won 3-0 against the worlds reigning Go champion Ke Jie who coincidentally is also Chinese, only about 1yr since last historic match.[a] the 19year old was reportedly literally in tears.[a17] quite a different reaction than kasparov ~2 decades ago! looks like emotions really run the gamut eh? last years match with Lee Sedol had him apologizing for/ to humanity at the end! reminds me of the so-called “5 stages of grief” concept from psychology… where the “loss” is one of mankinds most priceless/ treasured possessions, its uniqueness wrt intelligence/ mind! o_O

theres a brand new AlphaGo movie/ documentary on the prior history, cant wait to see it, has anyone else?[a8] what do you think? how does google/ deepmind top this? apparently they cant and actually theyve announced theyve decided to avoid any further human media/ spectacle matches! or is that just my interpretation? Hassibis is quoted as saying AlphaGo will stop/ retire, but not sure exactly what he means by that, its a big question mark, and the funky/ choppy chinese translation certainly isnt helping any.[a17] doesnt it make some sense to continue to refine it some, or release parts or all of it, do some maintenance, etc? it seems even after it beats the top human there is some small )( suspense left. (have always thought it a bit of a historical loss verging on tragedy that IBM Deep Blue chess hardware/ code was “decommissioned” and maybe never archived or released to the public.)

various alignments and massive themes going on here. the Chinese have funneled billions of dollars into AI research and yet this match was not really publicized much or celebrated within china, in stark contrast to last years international Korean media extravaganza, verging on near-media-circus! the state censorship system apparently decided to cut off the live feed of the match ~30m into it after uncertain/ unknown reasons, and/ or it became clear that maybe their human player would not dominate. and then theres the trickiness of Google having withdrawn from china in the prior few years due to their hacking, and wanting back into the gargantuan market. but oops! chinas semi-state-sponsored companies compete directly with google services. as the teenagers say, AWKWARD! 😳

would write a lot more on all this but you guys are all so QUIET. hard to figure out how to angle this stuff if nobody ever says anything (oh not all is lost, there does seem to be an intermittent collatz troll on my blog, joy! with that rare (?) combination of high intelligence and consistently insulting tone! which leads one to wonder, is for trolls it better to say nothing at all if they cant say something nice? or virtually their raison d’etre?) 😦 😳 o_O 😥 😡 👿

it seems google is far ahead of the competition on AI eg with announcement of recent tensorflow architecture, automated driving, etc.[b] its turning into the Microsoft of the 21st century. does anyone remember Microsoft anymore? 😮 🙄

just read in an article an estimated 20% of ALL jobs are driving/ transportation related. that is a stunning/ staggering/ eyepopping number and find it hard to believe. the author did not seem to have sparkling credentials.[x]

with poker being conquered also within the last year, it seems like some of the final obstacles to AI are melting away.[c] the advances are hard to keep up with.[h]

there is massive startup activity in AI but it seems like very difficult technology to me to get right, eg much different than say the frothy web boom from ~1½ decade ago.[e] it will be worth very much, maybe even more to the economy, but it seems maybe fewer companies will be involved as far as generating/ initiating/ licensing the innovations/ technology.

other themes: as remarked previously medical seems like a big early/ initial area for AI.[g] ethics continues to be a big concern [f] incl by bold talking leaders who have a lot to say and grab headlines.[k] there are a few key national research hubs emerging in the world, right now mostly Canada/ China.[j] theres a lot of scientific consternation over the rise of AI.[l] there is some talk/ crosspollination with supercomputers.[i] theres lots of analysis/ overviews as everyone wrestles with making sense of it all and “wrapping their brains” around the New Brain(s).[d]

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