3rd black hole merger, gravitational waves, etc

❗ 💡 ⭐ hi all, the 3rd black hole merger capture by LIGO was announced within the last week. a huge deal![f] have been tracking this area. its a “ringing/ rippling” excitement in physics and cosmology, its like christmas and even conservative scientists are talking in profound terms. a new detector is going online soon in europe (named Virgo in Pisa, Italy)[f11] and there are predictions that up to about 1 event per day may be observable after all the machines are finetuned!

☯️ this all coincides with a lot of theoretical commotion at the same time. ofc as long observed here, experiment and theory are like yang+yin, each energeizes and contains elements of the other, so to speak. its well/ widely acknowledged that GR+QM unification is a/ the big/ key open question of physics and there are a lot of new ideas circulating, and anything to do with gravity is nearly by defn highly coupled with GR.[b] this also ties in with new theories about big bang/ expansion.[e] theres some big contention going on.

am esp interested in Verlindes ideas about gravity as an “emergent phenomenon” that possibly is a solution to the “dark matter” problem.[c] have been promoting this rough conceptual idea myself for many years and feel it ties in naturally with pilot wave hydrodynamics and soliton dynamics (latest big writeup on that only ~½ yr ago). in short, an image to ponder: a wave-particle seems to continuously emanate waves out to infinity. what effect do those have collectively? is there some emergent property there?

heres another thought experiment proposed in the physics chat room by me: imagine two balloons in a swimming pool, submerged such that their weight exactly matches/ cancels the buoyant force. do the two balloons exert any force on each other? none? now consider that the balloons have an internal energy source that causes them to oscillate (inflate/ deflate). now what? have to work out the math for this sometime!

pondering these types of questions like Verlinde is doing can verge on near heresy in a field that has been extremely reductionistic for centuries, and mostly with huge accomplishment and strong success. but it seems to me that to get to the Really Big Picture physicists may have to give up their near-addiction to reductionism. Verlinde is one of the few with similar sentiments/ feelings. one might even argue that Newtons Principia was a classic in inspired, largely nonreductionistic synthesis. but visionaries are always rare, by definition.

its looking like black holes and gravitational wave measurement may lead the way toward new theory.[d] could there be some way to connect up the deep mysteries such as dark matter and QM properties at extreme spacetime (black holes, big bang) to this new observational science? there are some hints its happening right now. its a lot on many levels, “a whole new toy to play with…” and so much deeper too… Einstein strikes again! 😀 😎 ⭐ ❤

a. gravity
b. quantum
c. dark matter
d. black holes
e. inflation
f. waves

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