cybersecurity/ cybercrime/ social media summer 2017

hi all! its a wild moment in the history of cyberspace. everything is agitated it seems. a list of the highlights of big news for me. russian election cyberhacking is more widespread than previously understood/ considered.[a][d] think that maybe ppl are missing some of the point of espionage operations which are designed to be secret and only successful when cloaked, ie is it like an iceberg with a large part submerged? could it be our own intelligence agencies are witholding devastating information? there are hints of that & it seems increasingly likely at this point.

reality winner leaks a classified document relating to russian election hacking and is likely to go to jail. think shell be lucky with less than 5 yr.[c]

other stories: mercer cambridge analytica operation on brexit and US vote, involving heavy social media analysis.[b]

snowden looks like in major trouble, might be exchanged,[e] manning in contrast freed after 7 yr.[f] lots of continued noise about wikileaks/ assange, sweden dropped its rape case but hes still under “effective house arrest”.[p] massive leak of NSA secrets by shadow brokers.[g] [g16] is some notable/ remarkable rare corp pushback by an anonymous company and hope its identity comes to light. its very strange to see profit-ravenous corp monoliths take on govt wrt privacy rights but its a topsy-turvy world we live in (and maybe that kids expression does not have at all adequately sinister undertones to match the orwellian reality eg hinted by [g20]…)

trump is having big effect on cyber related areas.[k] he claimed to be wiretapped by obama starting a media firestorm. our 1st tweeting prez and its not a pretty sight to say the least. hes also making noises about FCC regulations. the law passed allowing internet companies access to surf histories was a real bummer.

FAKE NEWS.[l] fake twitter accounts/ “bots”. fake companies on google maps. looks like its the Age of Fake! where is journalism/ media? in disarray![i]

after some initial denial/ inaction by Zuckerberg, facebook has done a 180 and seems to be aggressively moving on the problem esp after theres strong evidence that its being used to influence elections eg France.[m] not sure what chgd zuckerbergs mind! that would be an interesting case study! another recent glaring problem was that livestreamed murder![t12][t14]

other big corps vs FCC big in the news.[j] law/ govt/ regulation scrambling to keep up as usual.[o]

tim berners lee is alarmed at the directions of the internet & think its gotten too corporate or something.[n] he won the Turing prize.

nice to see Crypto making big headlines.[r]

its a pity but social media seems like its increasingly getting a bad reputation.[s][t] hey, its the great unwashed masses, what do you expect? increasingly its got a vibe like a mall, public square, or late night bar. or a street demonstration. or a riot! (and isnt it interesting how diametrically opposed the two meanings of that word are?)

the old cypherpunks would be proud.[o3] any of you old guys still around? we are clearly fully in an age of Cyberwarfare[g][h] aka Hacking and Search/ Surveillance.[q] its all blurring together in one big mess. again its not a pretty picture to say the least. itll make your head spin. 😮

would write a lot more, this stuff is all epic and gamechanging, but as usual you guys are all so quiet, so am just gonna have to unleash this mass fusillade of links without lots of other timeconsuming further context/ analysis and let the audience sort em out, to paraphrase an old creepy quote from vietnam warfare…

a. election/ vote
b. mercer/ cambridge analytica
c. reality winner
d. russia/ putin
e. snowden
f. manning
g. nsa/ spying
h. hacking/ cybercrime
i. media
j. corp
k. trump
l. fake
m. facebook response
n. berners-lee
o. law/ govt/ reg
p. wikileaks/ assange
q. search/ surveillance/ privacy
r. crypto
s. social media
t. crime/ extremism

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