cybersec summer 2017, russia hacking sharper focus, Trump, Manafort, Kushner, Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin

looks like a nearly smoking-gun meeting was now finally uncovered between Trump Jr and shady russian characters. its now been revealed that Trump Jr, Manafort, Kushner, Veselnitskaya,[a3] Akhmetshin[a6] all met there. that last “colorfully-shady” character was not revealed until today or so. the headlines nearly speak for themselves.

my semi-plausible feeling-of-the-moment, trying to connect-the-increasingly-bigger-dots: maybe Trump Jr is outright lying (chip off the old block!) when he asserts that nothing substantial came out of the meeting. it looks like it could have been the initial/ early/ kickoff meeting to figure out if the Trump campaign was interested and if so how the Trump campaign could “launder” the DNC hacking material successfully. suspect that wikileaks was used as the “laundering” system but that russian intelligence was involved in the hack. also the seth rich death[c] seems fishy/ suspicious along with Peter Smith,[a17] wonder if either any had any russian contacts?

nearly white-hot cybersecurity headlines and maybe the US is reaping what it sows, feeling some stinging karma for election vote security sleeping-at-the-wheel and our own emphasis on intl cyberhacking eg with NSA. the KGB is apparently a very formidable cyber-adversary.

later thought: maybe prez Trump is so enamored with conspiracy theory because hes led/ leading quite a few of his own? and a bit ironic that his oft-maligned archnemesis the Mainstream Media/ NYT is leading the charge to excavate the truth! far from a coincidence it would seem! among participants who oft withhold/ suppress/ distort it, kicking and screaming (to say the least)! thank god cyberspace still hasnt completely killed investigative journalism in the 21st century!

a. trump/ russia
b. cybersec
c. rich

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