AI+ML 2018½ top links/ trends

hi all. 2018 has been another banner year for AI+ML and its not easy to summarize or keep up with developments but heres one of the most comprehensive/ top content lists youll find anywhere. heres a big pile of ~200 top links on the 2nd half.

its a list of many advances.[a] reinforcement learning, a hybrid between supervised and unsupervised learning, played a very big role this year. there were many advances and the top areas are image/ video/ computer graphics[a2], medical[a3], prediction[a4].

there were many new initiatives announced.[b] these include large/ top university department creations/ reorganizations around the area, a very sure/ strong sign of a massive worldwide paradigm shift in play, and everyone else knows it.

“pushback” is a general theme in last years reports/ content.[c] some of the wonder of the field is wearing off and people are realizing there is some dark side to all technology even the wondrous kind. “pandoras box”.

hardware and chips are increasingly being designed with neuromorphic ideas in play, and all major chip companies are now chasing AI designs although nvidia is still mostly the leader in this area.[d] however their main focus is still graphics and it does seem like disruptive innovators/ upstarts in this area are possible.

lots of excellent overviews to help make sense of it all.[e]

so theres so much wave and momentum and a lot of prognostications for the future some by the leading authorities/ visionaries who arent all that shy about voicing their ideas.[f]

china seems to be a world leader at least in terms of government commitment/ investment.[g] not sure it is entirely paying off already but it looks like they are positioned to make great gains in the near future.

there are many excellent papers announcing breakthru new advances.[h]

human brain research is tying in heavily with AI work these days, years ago there was not as much of a connection but its becoming much more intertwined.[i]

a. advance

a2. image
a3. medical
a4. prediction
b. initiative
c. pushback
d. chips/ hardware
e. overview
f. future
g. china
h. papers
i. brain

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