cyberspace 2018 zeitgeist/ top headlines/ links

hi all, havent written on the changing landscape of cyberspace for over a year, although am tracking cybersecurity more recently.

it was an extremely lively/ eventful/ even dizzying year to say the least.

there was a massive angst about the big corps amazon, microsoft, facebook, twitter.[a] facebook led the attention with the congressional hearings.[a3] google had a lot of exposure also although it seems far less than other companies.[a2] there is concern over fragmentation of the internet due to corps under name “splinternet”.[a4]

there was strong crosscutting between politics and cyberspace.[b]

the big stories this year were about “pushback/ failure” in many ways.[c] cyberspace has thoroughly permeated the culture now having influenced a national election, its impact seems that it cant get much bigger and theres a sort of collective national hangover mood circulating lately. some of this shows up in concern about smartphones.[i]

social media is a blessing and a curse.[d] its creating a whole new class of celebrities.[e] theres a lot of connection with video/ youtube which really is playing a dominant role esp now that theres huge amts of revenue and production budgets available.[g] a lot of studies relate to social media.[h]

theres a lot of thinking about general “moderation” ideas these days.[f] it used to be that journalism/ media had a little more of a moderating effect, but journalism is upside down these days.[j]

a. corp
a2. google
a3. facebook
a4. splinternet
b. politics
c. pushback/ failure
d. social media
e. leaders/ celebrities
f. moderation
g. video/ youtube
h. study/ research
i. smartphones
j. media


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