robotics 2018 top trends/ highlights/ links

hi all 2018 was a very busy year for robotics advances, itll make you dizzy trying to keep track. ML is starting to fuse with the field. the biggest news is drones[a], cargo/delivery[b] and some efforts to shootdown/ takedown rogue drones.[a3] amazon + walmart are moving aggressively on workplace/ warehouse applications.[c] one can find sophisticated drone entertainment in disney and superbowl halftime shows.[d] the market is growing and has big future implications.[e] autonomous cars making major inroads.[f] lots of outdoor applications eg in agriculture emerging.[g] ethics/ safety are huge concerns.[h] major new manufacturing trends.[i] the leaders in the field such as Musk and Mark Cuban are making headlines.[j] aerospace is one of the killer apps of robotics.[k] major inroads in medical field.[l] lots of educational resources.[m] there are emerging nanorobotics advances.[n] drone travel aka flying cars are now a scattered reality.[o] 

a. drone
a2. cargo/ delivery
a3. takedown
b. advance
c. workplace/ warehouse
d. entertainment
e. market/ future
f. cars
g. outdoors
h. ethics/ safety
i. mfg
j. leaders
k. space
l. medical
m. edu
n. atomic
o. drone travel



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