david-garibaldi-einsteinsoftware engr who dabbles in theory, sometimes aggressively. career in IT as developer. corporate day job in enterprise java for many years. enjoy the beauty of theory & the excitement of it meeting “killer apps” in the Real World™, and the intense challenge of its premier open problems.

over the years have worked on various homegrown computational complexity projects (since early 1990s) & hope to hear from/ converse with anyone knowledgeable on these subjs, looking esp for feedback via the blog comments! but on other hand dont feel like you have to be an expert to comment here, all constructive comments very much appreciated.

also highly seek/ encourage volunteers and enjoy chats ❓ 💡 ❗ 😎 😀 ⭐ ❤

have mainly used a very empirical/experimental approach toward computational complexity theory which feel is underutilized and downplayed in the field for a variety of reasons, some plausible but others specious.

P vs NP
have been studying/attacking this problem intermittently, sometimes strongly. shortly before starting this blog, came up with an idea/outline for a NP vs P/Poly proof via monotone circuits, seeking expert feedback.
theorem proving via actual constructed Turing machines
built a sophisticated TM compiler and large TMs for attacking automated theorem proving related areas eg extracting special cases of undecidable problems. built a machine for verifying commutative law of addition. modelled the Collatz conjecture. investigate boundary of decidable vs undecidable problems, research into automated theorem proving.
satisfiability (CNF) problem solver
looked at optimization heuristics for Davis Putnam related solvers, conversion to DNF etcetera. transition point. esp interested in patterns in clause graphs. code to generate factoring instances and analyze its SAT instance structure

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Alejandro Piad

    Only had a change to skim through the recent posts, but will be coming back to read them in greater detail. I work mostly on optimization, metaheuristics, and such, and so have a big interest in hard problems. If it turns out that P = NP, I might be out of work!!! 😉

  2. Randall Lee Reetz

    Sad, I might be interested in some of these topics… if presented by a person not hiding, and if that person had the confidence to talk to the personal motives driving their interests in technology.

    The noise of vantage has no place in science, or in the faking of science in order to attach the hard won authority of science to the very noise science is to filter.

    Randall Lee Reetz

    1. vznvzn Post author

      lol, what make you think my “motives” are any different than yours? 😛
      ps isnt the About page enough for you, or did you not even click on it?

    2. vznvzn Post author

      ah, was bored some )( & then was looking at your google profile, now not definitely taking any of this personally… 3+yrs of blogging gets me comments like yours o_O

      I block all Google+’ers who don’t share a full profile (including a comprehensive “Introduction” section), a full legal name, a recent and accurate photo, a means of direct communication, or who use this forum for purposes other than honest and serious discussions of real issues. I also block people who rarely or never post their own original thoughts in their own words.


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