interests/ desires/ big & wild dreams/ wishlist/ to do

life is what happens while youre making other plans. —john lennon

there are some remarkable/ inspiring/ singularly/ near-legendary individuals/ heroes who heavily impact/ advance entire/ multiple fields in very big/ bold ways. names that immediately come to mind are Turing, Jobs, Edison, Musk, Einstein, Bohr, Simons, Page/ Brin, Gates. their feats are at the same time human and superhuman and yet brilliantly mix their zeitgeists in unique ways and are extremely difficult to replicate esp on their scales. they have all had extraordinary vision, persistence, focus, energy.

some of these types of goals involve capitalization/ “monetization” schemes which do not always mesh well/ easily with scientific research/ development, ie some of these dreams sometimes cross/ shear awkwardly between conflicting agendas of science and capitalism. one might say the key constraint/ limitation/ impediment/ obstacle/ roadblock is in 1 word funding. but one can take heart that even the greats have to “routinely” (so to speak) wrestle/ scramble/ struggle with major/ intense challenges with it… just at a much different scale 😮

the heroes rise toweringly above the everyday/ day-to-day more “pedestrian” accomplishments/ routine/ lives of nearly everyone else. nevertheless as the saying goes dream big. these following dreams combine/ mesh big contemporary/ zeitgeist trends with personal tastes and not in any particular order of importance or viability/ practicality. they are extremely ambitious aka cutting edge and may or may not be achieved in the coming decades by me or someone (maybe many) else. or/ but/ so as they say…

dont quit your day job! 👿

or as the girls say to the boys sometimes, dream on!  🙄 😦

💡 at least one can still blog about it all right? 😐

➡ oh and ofc volunteers are always welcome 😉

  • solve/ publish P vs NP (P vs NP)
  • invent/ develop/ build/ publish new extensible framework/ research program and solve premiere problem with empirical approaches, machine learning, and automated theorem proving. eg Riemann hypothesis or collatz conjecture or other key complexity theory problems (undecidable, collatz, experimental)
  • lead/ do quantum computing experiments hands-on esp in foundational interpretations and QM computing (physics)
  • devise/ publish new theoretical framework to solve the bell “nonlocality/ spooky action at a distance” paradox and a unification of particle physics based on solitons (physics)
  • help in a/ the mass shift to a more sound/ high-integrity money system (bitcoin, econ)
  • substantially advance robotics. build/ tune fast machine learning algorithms for smooth/ robust motor control, bipedal balance etc., promote/ participate in emerging robotics sports (robotics)
  • contribute to virtual reality development/ video games (games)
  • start/ build a well-funded math/ physics research effort/ drive/ group/ laboratory/ institute with substantial team and sizeable cyberspace- and open-science based component advancing the prior research programs and others (open science/ collab/ collective intel, chat, math, physics, R&D homegrown)
  • the singularity™ (big data, AI)