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bitcoin 2017 starts with a bang

bitcoin_wraphi all. havent written on bitcoin in awhile. its surging in value at the beginning of the year. this isnt the first year that happened. a set of favorable circumstances is propelling it. it is known that china regulation has a lot to do with its value and that there are a lot of chinese holders. it appears that chinese regulatory climate looks newly favorable.

another pattern is that whereever there is economic crisis in a currency, bitcoin surges.[f18] it seems that theres always some kind of monetary crisis somewhere in the world, and bitcoin capitalizes on it. there is that old saying by rahm emanuel, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. a bit machiavellian sounding, yet bitcoin seems to embody some of this. another way to see it is as a sort of ambulance that shows up at bloody scenes.

it looks like the media has gotten past the wild alarm and surprise over bitcoin. maybe part of the hype has subsided for the moment. theres less feverish reporting on it. but that does not fully capture its steady pace of innovation.

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online vs offline shopping saga/ case study/ story

hi all, a brief interlude/ meditation on shopping and the online/ cyber angle.

“ecommerce” was known to be a potentially revolutionary possibility around the dotcom era and we are now in the full swing of it, but ofc shopping nirvana has not arrived. there is some dark side to the cyber cornucopia. how many people can attest to this with compromised credit cards? and how about the joy of trying to track dozens of different online user ids/ passwords? it looks like cybersecurity is worse than ever and that elegant solutions are not in sight. and browsers storing passwords/ addresses/ credit cards do not seem like any solution. and who cringes at diverse sites storing their credit cards? heres a hopefully illuminating case study(s) that recently went thru myself.

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summer fun/ trip: tech+art+cyber theme

outtathisworld_bobafett_vaderhi all, switching it up with some personal summer news. got to go on a rare trip. hadnt been on a plane or beach in 6 yrs and am happy to break that “dry spell”. went to sandiego/ LA for a week. some tech angles on all that. as my young cohort/ prodigy/ “chip off the old block” says sometimes, it was “jampacked”

was struggling to try to come up with a unifying theme for this post and then thought about this angle. really enjoy the aesthetics of an area/ niche that might be called “tech art”. this is technology mixed with art/ entertainment. its crosscutting across different art forms.

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facebook filtering algorithm/ policy causes big commotion (once again)

❗ 😮 hi all. recently facebook was accused/ implicated in steering news items away from conservative sites. every few years, facebook “faces” these types of PR messes and Zuckerberg is probably nearly a pro at handling them by now. there were a lot of press reverberations.

facebook is like the 800LB gorilla of the media. they embody the “winner takes all” aspect of our economy. most other media outlets are having serious troubles, such as old stalwarts like NYT somewhat “on the ropes”. oh yeah and then there was that crazy gawker judgement recently. hoo, boy!

facebook is rewriting the rules of the media game. much the way that tweaks to googles algorithms cause fat/ huge ripples/ shudders in the mass SEO business (and today, nearly every media outlet is in the SEO business to varying degrees), facebooks small adjustments to their site can have massive repercussions.

its interesting in all this how algorithmic theory is intersecting with media concerns like fairness, impartiality, freedom from censorship, openness, etc… is this a story about algorithms or people? its kind of about the intersection of the two. oh, throw in political pov (right vs left). its a volatile mix. throughout the story, people are grappling with a different landscape. a paradigm shift.

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