collatz still standing!

hi all. some crazy events over the last 3mos, ~¼ yr, to put it lightly, both on a personal and larger “global” scale here literally in the sense of “affecting the whole globe”. the prior blog talked about “soul crushing moments/ life events” and invoked nietzsches raw aphorism, “that which does not destroy me makes me stronger”. that concept has a ragged truth to it, somewhat like darwinism. we are in the midst of a mass darwinian event playing out. the last blog talked about paradigm shifts on a personal level. it appears my personal life has aligned in a very weird/ momentous way with the larger scheme of things, the social milieu, the larger universe.

so many ideas circling, crashing around in my head the last few months. have a lot to write about. want to write about coronavirus, have so many ideas/ links on that, and my personal “brush” with it so to speak. may do so. and the news about Conway? devastating! hes a massive personal hero in my pantheon, and many others too. deserves an entire blog here. theres enough news in the last few months personal+global for ½ dozen blogs. and me, normally loquatious, have taken the opposite tact. gone dark.

a lot to think about/ deal with. am dealing with some very heavy feelings/ situation(s). among many other things, am frustrated about the lack of tangible engagement in my audience, ie commenting. 7 years and not a lot to show for it along those lines. sometimes wonder if no trolls are better than 1 troll, lol! as a contrast to Descartes bold/ confident declaration, am feeling darker at times, nobody comments, therefore I do not exist…

amidst the noise of crashing worlds, after some of the dust has finally settled in my own life (more on all that later), started to think about collatz again. think its a positive sign/ sign of resilience. was in full survival mode for last few months, some desperate-feeling moments, ego blending-to-obliterating. blending as in “put in a blender on smoothie level” (highest setting… lets review: “stir (easy clean), puree (soup), chop (salsa), cream (milkshake), whip (frz drink), extract (smoothie)”).

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collatz alive and still kicking

the theme of the moment is “still alive, still kicking”. sometimes feeling like a lump of coal under extreme heat/ pressure… aka “soul crushing“… and sometimes even “little guys” like me have problems not entirely unlike those among the remote, lofty stratosphere… on a vastly different scale… nevertheless now can relate to ariannas sentiments on this, “no tears left to cry”… (supposedly) “that which does not destroy me makes me stronger“. nietzsches saying is either supposed to be inspiring or having the ulterior bleak or barren allusion (ofc one does not voluntarily wish to experience near-destroying events). life is a double edged sword. his own life would be a case study in that… and ofc a cyberspace blog is the perfect place to share + elicit appropriate, soothing audience sympathy + compassion for these worldly all-too-human predicaments/ tribulations! 😳 o_O 🙄 😥

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collatz going in circles

happy new yr to all my readers, made it to another decade, some smiles, some scars! a few trolls have visited over the years, they seem to have found the blog via reddit comments, comments there do draw in minicrowds, but alas reddit mods (supposedly rather hypocritically following policy on the user generated content site) very aggressively scrub links to blogs in comments, although many submitted links are often blogs. so am banned from posting comments on about 3 subreddits lately for citing blog articles that are unquestionably on topic for the subreddits. badges of honor lol!

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intractable collatz

(background color: truly is the nightmare before xmas around here lately. seems as if santa died this year.) when in doubt, write some code. this idea occurred to me and is similar to hybrid3 experiment from 12/2018. the idea there is to just run the hybrid optimizer to find large ‘cm’ max glide index trajectories for fixed bit widths. here that is changed to ‘cg’ glide length. what will be the pattern of results? this generates 500 trajectories after 10K optimization iterations and then sorts results from longest to shortest by ‘cg’ and looks at the initial bit patterns. some of the hypothesis is confirmed. it turns out they are all utilizing a 1-lsb triangle to generate very long glides; this explains the lsbs. the msbs are harder to characterize. this grid plots the inverse of the bits and the msbs line up on the right in the same ‘cg’ order, longest to shortest bottom to top.

but generally this all fits into a brand new hypothesis. the idea is that generally the longest glides by bit width utilize the 1-lsb run structure. this would seem to explain a lot of other experiments that optimized but did not look further at the bit structure. the similar hybrid3 experiment did find/ notice the 1-runs but didnt notice at the time the probable lsb link. there was a series of experiments to find longest glides or trajectories limiting by 1-run lengths. my suspicion now is that for those longest trajectories found, the 1-runs tend to be in the lsb. it would have been simple to check at the time, but didnt. recall this experiment is showing that starting from random seeds, optimization of the longest glides all converge to this 1-lsb bit structure. therefore it seems likely (all) other optimization schemes (eg bitwise etc) would tend to follow the same pattern.

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