looking for volunteers! the idea is to start a collaborative, open source, open/network-science-based attack on the boundaries and frontiers of mathematics and computer science. esp seeking students and researchers/academics in mathematics and computer science.

just leave a reply if interested. tell a little about yourself and any more detail about what you’re interested in. (see also chat or open science/ collaboration/ collective intelligence news/ stories/ links etc.)

model resources/ results for projects along these lines:

more recently the crack international Polymath cyberteam succeeded in dramatically improving the breakthrough/ historic Zhang twin prime result!

these are six short dramatic accounts of two singularly notable, historic, basically successful collaborative projects launched within the last few years and which received widespread/major media and scientific attention, the Gowers DHJ theorem project and the Deolalikar proof cyberspatial group evaluation/refereeing.

these are two detailed scientific papers analyzing the DHJ theorem attack dynamics.

4 thoughts on “volunteer

  1. Daniel M.

    Very interesting. Sure makes we dream of harnessing that power into one of our favorite curious mathematical or conceptual topics with potential for exploration.

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