these are excellent/ outstanding refs/ resources on/ for scientific, mathematical and computer scientific writing by top experts from multiple fields, written for neophytes, synchronisticly and/ or painstakingly collected over the years. a paper that conforms to all the advice here will be 1st rate/ class, but actually assimilating all this excellent advice will be far from a trivial exercise, and practicing/ reflecting/ realizing/ manifesting/ embodying it (all! most! much!) even more challenging/ difficult! unfortunately many beginners are not aware of these excellent refs, and even fewer read them and follow them. note that great papers inherently contain most or large parts of this advice/ direction.

also my own personal recommendation is to start a blog. even though there are zillions of blogs, the odds of running into people who want to start in scientific writing actually having them seems to be low. note that WordPress, totally free, even has (math)latex equations built into it! my rhetorical question to you is, if you dont even have the energy/ followthrough to write/ finish a single blog page, what are you doing trying to write a scientific paper? and another astonishing factoid, blog pages routinely get more page views than many paper downloads (which can be low)!

ofc this is not to say that blog pages are a full substitute for scientific papers! but even that distinction is getting increasingly blurry!

blogs are in some cases an outstanding scientific communication medium and can serve many different purposes, eg as a scaled-down version of scientific writing, a scratchpad for later paper ideas, etc.; we are now at an age where major scientific advances are routinely discussed/ reported/ even at times nearly formulated 1st in blogs! (and other web2.0 platforms such as social media, twitter etc.) dont believe me? want an example? a leader/ innovator that immediately comes to mind in this area is Terence Tao; although while his extraordinary blogging finesse/ flair/ virtuosity is noticed in the math community but has not been profiled more widely so far. (he also has solid/ excellent/ great advice to young researchers on his blog.)

the revolution will be blogged!


mathematical/ (computer-) scientific writing for beginners