joy of code 2014, imitation game with Turing, more diverse zeitgeist

imitation_gamehi all. seems like only a blink since the 2013 compilation. its been a very eventful/ buzzing year in coder/ CS world. these links are an attempt to capture some of the zeitgeist.

its definitely never a dull moment in the IT/CS field and these links attest to that.

the hollywood angle continues with the release of the major motion picture Imitation Game about Turing in WWII, a big deal which this post is timed with. releases in a week. have long thought this would make a brilliant movie and amazed it took hollywood so long to seize on it. certainly understandably, movies with mathematicians in the lead roles are rather rare, but WWII movies are a dime a dozen… starring Benedict Cummerbatch and Keira Knightly, both stars possibly at the very top of their careers. [a]

the resources for people interested in learning about coding are quite copious on the internet.[b][c][d][e][i] theres a new phenomenon of a rise in “coding bootcamps”.[f] get a taste of advanced university topics in [g]. theres a lot of debate about “computer literacy” and how important it is to know computer languages.[h]

and the silicon valley, startup, and corporate elements of coding are going full blast.[j]

a very major and impassioned topic over the last year is gender disparity/ balance/ diversity in the tech field.[k]

is it a bubble? demand is very hot and there are record enrollments in CS classes.[l]

the market for software engineering is keen.[m]

lots of fascinating writing on the massive universe of computer languages.[n]

the leaders of the field are out all over the place.[o]

zuckerberg and facebook are in a “category of their own”.[p]

its great to see big awards for CS breakthroughs and innovation.[q]

there are many community sites & coding competitions.[r]

and take a break with fun/ entertainment/ humor.[s]

quality/ design issues are at the forefront of the software onslaught.[t]

and the history of CS is very colorful.[u]

a. imitation game movie/ Turing
b. learn/teach
c. “hour of code”
d. examples
e. play/ games
f. bootcamps
g. advanced/university
h. edu opinion
i. orgs/ sites
j. corps, silivalley, startup
k. gender/ race balance/ diversity
l. hot/ demand/ bubble
m. market
n. languages
o. celeb/ leaders
p. zuckerberg/ facebook
q. awards
r. competition/ community/ sites
s. fun/ entertainment/ humor
t. quality/ design
u. history

3 thoughts on “joy of code 2014, imitation game with Turing, more diverse zeitgeist

  1. vznvzn Post author

    🙂 😦 update/ good news & bad news since written. Imitation Game was nominated for 4 oscars in best picture, best directing, best actor, best supporting actress. but alas! shut out in each/ all! ouch! did not win in any categories. oh but maybe a silver lining could be that maybe hollywood wont try to copycat a great movie & inundate with cheap knockoffs.

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