QM breakthru: google vindicates DWave QM computer, 1st qubits in silicon

qmcpuhi all, very big headline-grabbing news that google has largely proved out/ vindicated the 1KQbit DWave design with a recent scientific paper.[a] also published in Nature, the worlds first qubits based on silicon fabrication.[b] other QM computing breakthroughs are in the headlines daily.[c]

Aaronson has recently talked about “clean vs dirty qubits” the former being pursued by google/ Martinis lab, and the latter by DWave. its a nice conceptual simplification but lets face it, its overall maybe not a contradictory pursuit, but more of a complementary one. maybe architectures based on both are viable and will have different strengths/ weaknesses. reminds me of the long rivalry between Intel and AMD, or maybe Intel and ARM. and google is very smartly hedging its bets (this is obviously not a mistake) and knee-deep in the middle of both approaches. (think its human nature to have a black/ white Team A vs Team B mentality but at extremes this can interfere with scientific advancement in some ways.)

exciting times in QM world. there are a few labs around the world at the front of this race, it would be neat to see a summary somewhere. also Australia is making it nearly part of public policy & funding to strongly pursue QM computing.

Martinis is talking about a viable QM computer in about ~3 yrs or so. starting back from the google acquisition. wait, what? that seems a bit overly optimistic to me, but the future really looks rosy for QM computing. its clearly making its way out of the fabrication laboratories and into… the evaluation laboratories! ⭐ 💡 ❗ 😎 😀


a. dwave/ google

b. silicon
c. qm computer

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