google deepmind attacks Go and AlphaGo attacks top human

low-Go - 3hi all, it was a very big week for AI news. google deepmind published a paper in Nature demonstrating world competitive level performance in the game of Go.[a] there were several articles and an excellent/ cool 7 minute video produced by the site. experts thought this could be ~5-10 years away. the google team was relatively small with only 15 employees. however, their combined salaries were surely not that low, could that figure probably easily approach over a million dollars annually? (we are talking about silicon valley rates here.)

google will be challenging the top world player in march for $1M, Lee Sedol. more edge-of-seat excitement!

so, this is a great excuse or milestone to write up my last batch of links. and boy is it a big pile. its only been ~½ yr since last writing on this subject.

and am going to take some big credit here. (along with wired) pointed myself to the game of Go as a ripe terra incognita for new algorithms and development. maybe a few people really do actually read this blog, eh? and this breakthru also cuts across many categories long covered on this blog.

another big cybersynchronicity, AI pioneer and near-gadfly Minsky died this week.[b]

also since the last post, Musk announced a billion dollar AI fund and they are also committed to an open source approach.[d]

google announced open sourcing its AI engine, TensorFlow.[l]

there are dramatic weekly, nearly daily advances in the field.[g] eg emotion recognition on faces etc.[i] vision algorithms are continuing to evolve rapidly and getting very sophisticated.[k]

a brilliant book by the brilliant Domingos on “the master algorithm” was released and made some media waves.[e] there actually have been a plethora of AI books at the bookstores within the last few years & am planning on reviewing about 5 of them soon. (the google Go breakthrough caught me in the middle of that.)

in other terrible news, the saltmine where my days are toiled away in (that shall remain nameless to protect the truly blameworthy) introduced a new filtering system this week, presumably outsourcing it to a 3rd party filtering vendor named bluecoat.

On-Premise Web Security | Blue Coat

after ~3½ years now of unimpeded aka unmolested access, it now newly blocks my blog and many other wordpress features/ sites. ARGH. it says its “has no known security rating”. just another day of working/ toiling/ slaving away for the (Big Corporate) Man. @#%&


a. go
b. minsky
c. warning/ fears
d. musk institute/ corp/ university initiatives etc
e. domingos master algorithm
f. deep learning
g. advances
h. chat/ speaking/ language
i. emotion
j. overview
k. vision
l. open source
m. simulation/ brain
n. future/ analysis
o. interviews

1 thought on “google deepmind attacks Go and AlphaGo attacks top human

  1. gsgs

    I always thought computer go would go like computer chess , it only takes longer.
    Remember how they ridiculed about the first chess computers 40 years ago


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