Daniel Sank, Phd/ Google quantum computing lab, stackexchange physics guest speaker Aug 12 2016

physics_chat.png➡ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ hi all. it is with great pleasure to introduce this next guest and chat series and welcome a larger audience. Daniel Sank, Phd working at Google Martinis quantum computing lab[2] is our 3rd guest speaker[1] in a guest chat series hosted by the physics stackexchange site/ chat room.[13] thanks to moderator David Z, Phd[18] for the suggestion of the idea, coordination and graciously agreeing to hosting in his already well-attended biweekly chat sessions.[11]

we have now hosted two prior events in series with great success with Samuel Lereah, Masters in physics[4][5], and yuggib, Phd math working in mathematical physics, thanks so much to these groundbreaking/ enthusiastic guest speakers for their particularly inspired/ dedicated participation.[5][6]

the series has been a months long saga with many participating in many various/ diverse ways and contributing feedback (we welcome further contributors/ volunteers). (we have racked up dozens of community votes over more than half a dozen meta posts.) Daniel was instrumental in pushing forward the idea and designed our community ad, at time of writing about 200 hits from the main site.[7][8] he was very attentive to and helped propose/ determine the format[9][15] which is admittedly “still a work in progress” (much like reddit our software is not exactly designed for it in mind). thanks also to John Rennie for a 1st meeting summary and call for feedback.[10]

SE chat has a sophisticated interface/ advanced features, lively cross-site participation and long history and full transcripts going back years are available.[17]

SE management has recently engaged/ encouraged different/ novel/ creative/ increased uses of chat[12] and we are one of the first sites to schedule mass public meetings with a special event/ guest speaker(s).

have participated myself on SE chat for several years and have met many very talented and accomplished professionals, academics, students, etc and am interested/ engaged in advancing the medium in general especially for open science purposes.[16]

we studied Reddit AMAs some to structure our own meetings.[b] Reddit is the 800LB gorilla in the area and there is extraordinary attention/ momentum/ scale to their own events. notably they recently had a similar one on quantum computing.[13] ours is just a fledgling start compared to theirs but we really appreciate their pioneering/ acclaimed efforts/ spirit/ continuation in the area. alas in most major human endeavors it is not without controversy[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12] and ours reflects that also (its a long story, and still yet lengthening every time!) another recent interesting angle maybe with some (entertaining! applied!) physics tie-in is [14], a robotwars competition team interview.

see all you physics enthusiasts/ aficionados/ lovers et al around! 😎 ❤


a. guest
b. reddit

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