qm computing summer 2017 update

hi all, seem to have reached a momentary lull in my own schedule and also the QM computing news that typically runneth over. maybe a moment of breath to clear out the queue. years ago it was cutting edge to talk about it but now it looks like a lot of the media is attuned and into covering the race[k] esp with inroads by big corporations (Google, IBM, Microsoft, Intel) into the area. Intel seems a relative newcomer but did finally show up on the radar.[a10]

can recall some of the earliest QM computing books came out around late 1990s eg 1997 or so, so now its been almost exactly 2 decades. here is a technology with immense promise but also immense engineering challenge.

its hard to track this area because its international and there are a lot of concurrent developments and advances.[a] for me there are some rough patterns emerging. one major/ emerging area of advance is the use of machine learning and deep learning methods in physics/ quantum computing, think this is definitely something to watch.[b]

theres some scaling up of the techniques into computing “units” such as gates and photon-photon interactions.[c] next up are larger systems such as eg announcement of a “bus”.[d] 

the other standout/ massive news is IBMs major push/ investment commitment to an open source system and their open 5-bit simulator.[e]

google continues to dominate the news and has announced a very aggressive schedule but at moment personally feel like/ fear it might be too optimistic.[f] (more strictly its head/ leader Martinis quoted in multiple interviews/ articles, but close enough.) suggest they stop talking about “quantum supremacy” and outperforming classical computers until they at least have a working computer!

microsoft continues to work on a “dark horse” type approach involving one of the more exotic methods.[g] dwave seems to have the highest scale with what might be called “dirty (or imprecise) qbits”.[h] the company has been synonymous with geordie rose for so long, and thats the end of an era!

another company that seemed to be in stealth mode with almost no mention, but lately came/ popped out of nowhere with some major press coverage is Rigetti.[i]

china has huge footprint in this area and is making big strides with quantum encryption with satellites and seems to lead the entire world with this technology.[j] but also wonder if this technology really has a lot of close connection to QM computing, am a bit skeptical. feel that QM computing is all about qubit gates and manipulation/ transport, a bit different than mere quantum crypto it would seem.

a. advance
b. qm ml
c. units
d. systems
e. ibm/ open
f. google
g. ms
h. dwave
i. rigetti
j. china
k. overview

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